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YPCK Lifestyle Bundles for a PAW-sitive Change
Lifestyle Bundles are available only to YPCK PAW-sclusive Members. You choose your pet's lifestyle, level, size and frequency of shipment and we take care of the rest making sure that you receive your pet's products on a frequency that you select.
SAVE ON YOUR FIRST ORDER WITH the corresponding COUPON CODE for your Lifestyle Bundle.
Bronze          Silver          Gold
Bronze  Lifestyle Bundles include a 5% discount on your pet's food, a holistic nutritional food that you can trust with no recalls.
Silver Members receive a 10% discount on Silver Lifestyle Bundles which in addition to holistic nutritional food, includes our functional wellness chews formulated to support your pet's lifestyle and health.
Gold (BEST VALUE) includes FREE SHIPPING, 10% discount and delicious, healthy treats in addition to the holistic nutritional food and functional wellness chew.
Order your bundle and become a YPCK PAW-sclusive Member today!
An Advocate will contact you to setup your flex-ship schedule.
You may change your flex-ship schedule up to the day before your next flex-ship date.
(If you don't have a YPCK Advocate, one will be assigned to you.)  
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