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Becoming Independent


In May 2014, I was sitting at my desk after a particularly wonderful day in the office, reflecting on what an awesome life I have. I have a successful telecom business that’s profitable enough for me to live a life most people only dream of. I have supportive employees and a nurturing office environment where people get to express their talents and are well rewarded for them. Then it dawned on me….Wow, I have come a long way. My mind starts to wander, and suddenly I think back to a time when I was not so fortunate.

It was in the mid 90’s that I found myself at a crossroad in my life. I had been married for 13 years, had two beautiful little girls, the cottage style house on the corner with many great friends. My days were filled with “kid activities”, cooking, and play dates with other Moms. I had the ultimate dream job being a stay-at-home Mom. I was in heaven! People around me thought I had the perfect life. WRONG!

Fast forward…

Suddenly, here I was, single, wondering how I would re-invent my career, wondering what the Master Plan was for me. No longer was I living in my safe little world of skating rinks and soccer fields but I was now thrown right back out into Corporate America and now giving up that flexibility. It was difficult to imagine never getting to spend time at my kid’s school, missing their school plays, and not getting to be involved with the Brownie troop. There had to be another way….

Fast forward…

I founded a new company in 2001. It was literally a few days after 9/11 hit. I thought to myself “This couldn’t be worse timing to start a Company” and the fear of failure was greater than any fear I had ever experienced in my life. Facing that fear head on, I forged ahead, telling myself everyday that I could do it! Persistence and faith would prevail. And it did….

Fast forward...

14 years later here I am. Personally, I have had financial freedom, and although I had to work through many challenges, I did it…. and I never gave up the quality time with my children to get here. I have been able to give some people careers that had similar situations like me, who needed flexibility in their schedule or others who simply “wanted” flexibility.. However, the burning desire to help more and more people began to plague me so once again I found myself with an insane madness to do it again- but this time do it for an unlimited number of people!

Then I sat back in my chair and thought: You know what? Now is the time to give what I’ve learned away to others. NOW is the time!

For 10 years I have had this idea for a company that would take my love of pets, my love of people, and my love of parties, and combine them into a powerful machine that will give independence and freedom to so many others. I thought to myself, I have run this game before and I can run this game again and this time I will give anyone with a desire that chance.

So that was it. I took a deep breath, and Yuppy Puppy City Kitty was born.

Stella Dowling - Founder & CEO