Charitable Giving

YPCK supports…

Our mission statement talks about the importance of charity for dogs and cats, but here at YPCK we do not think that our charitable acts should stop with our four-legged friends.

We have and will continue to support a wide variety of organizations and causes.

We help and encourage our employees when they want to support their favorite shelter or cause and donate time and money to various charities through corporate promotions.


Organizations We have Supported… 


 Canine Assistants Logo   Angels Among Us Logo   Mutt Madd-ness Logo   Loving Paws Logo


   Davis Direction Foundation Logo   Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption Logo   Ahimsa House Logo   Good Mews Logo

   FurKids Logo   Act 2 Pups Logo   Susan G Komen Logo   Georgia Pet TAILS Logo     Mostly Mutts Logo   MeowzResQ Logo  Team Maggie Logo   CCS Charity Guild Logo  Gwinnett Humane Society Logo   Oregon Humane Society Logo   Beagle Freedom Project Logo   Atlanta Lab Rescue Logo